Monday, August 27, 2012

The Aztecs Started it All

The great Aztec civilization was much more organized and modernized than any other civilization way back to the 16th century.  They had their own traditions, practices, laws, clothing, and even foods.  One of their original foods was the guacamole. It was then called ahuaca-mulli which means ‘avocado mixture’ or ‘avocado sauce’; usually the local citizens were the ones making this guacamole dish.  

As Spanish conquerors encountered the Aztec empire, they were amazed by their food, especially the guacamole’s delicious taste.  It wasn’t possible for them to leave the Aztecs without bringing their guacamole recipe and some avocados back home. Unfortunately, as the Spaniards brought the avocados in Spain, they found out that the fruit don’t grow well in their lands as well as their climate.  

Although Spaniards weren't successful in cultivating avocados in their lands, other foreign travelers who also discovered avocados were fortunate enough to plant the fruit's seed perfectly.  Since then, avocados and guacamole became much more famous in the passing of years. Today, guacamole is a very popular dip and people love it so much that they swore they should never run out of guacamole in their kitchen ever. 

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